5 Hidden Attractions In And Around Medan And North Sumatra For Your OffRoad Adventures

Attraction in MedanIt’s incredible how varied North Sumatra is, the scenic beauty comes in several forms — mountains, volcanoes, lakes, forests, islands, waterfalls, and more. If you’re curious about the other side of things, in which the natives go — the places where the flocks of tourists don’t know, join us as we highlight some of the lesser-known, but not as remarkable, sights of North Sumatra.

1. Take a dip in nature’s picturesque sulfur bath: Sipoholon Hot Springs
These hot springs have been known as the “soft drink water pools” as the bathrooms supposedly taste like a dirty carbonated beverage (we don’t recommend attempting it). The waters are a vibrant blue-green because of its sulphurous content, and also the surrounding limestone hills dot the area with hues of orange, yellow, and green — this type of panoramic landscape!
2. The lesser known white crater: Dolok Tinggi Raja
The 90°C water flows down limestone steps, causing the stones to turn as white as snow. Nearby, this sexy snow scene is blended with mossy carpets that lie on the imbued stone in addition to a huge pond which bubbles from beneath the surface. You can actually bathe at a second access point in the reserve due to the cool river water and waterfall that rushes from the hilltop into a pool.
3. Measure onto Sumatra’s Snow Beach: Pantai Salju
Pantai Salju is a river that rushes over a collection of stones, with swaying palm trees as the backdrop. As the water breaks on the stone bed, it appears white, and this looks snow. The water flows out of a mountain, so it is clean and trendy.
4. It’s playtime with the elephants at a quiet village: Tangkahan
Tangkahan is a wonderful, natural space where one can trek through the jungle and bathe happy elephants. From the park, you’ll discover some gorgeous waterfalls where one can swim (or simply laze about) from the clear, clean waters with one of the resident elephants.The dinosaurs of Tangkahan have been trained and are now members of the patrol team for the National Park to see illegal pursuits.
5. Island Paradise: Pulau Pandang & Salah Nama
Whenever you arrive at Salah Nama, you’ll detect a footpath that runs along the waterfront with tall, artfully painted ceramic vases. The shoreline here is rocky with beautiful, brick-red stones and crystal clear waters swimming with varied schools of fish.After researching Salah Nama, head on to Pulau Pandang, in which you’ll find white sand beaches and a large castle-like lookout area from which you can gaze upon the island to the ocean.